A specially-commissioned film ‘See Us, Hear Us, Help Us’ featuring a local young person talking about her own experiences of sexual exploitation was shown for the first time at the Croydon Congress Meeting on 26 November 2015.  The film commissioned by Croydon Council portrays the devastating impact that this issue has on people’s lives.


At the Croydon Congress delegates were asked to support the ‘Say Something if you See Something’ Campaign jointly run by Croydon Council, the Metropolitan Police and the London Safeguarding Children Board. Speakers called on professionals and members of the community to work together to raise awareness and stop child sexual exploitation. Delegates made pledges on behalf of their organisations as to what steps they planned to take.  This included:

  • Taxi firms committing to train staff to look for warning signs
  • Taxis displaying helpline numbers
  • Head teachers including exploitation in the sex education curriculum
  • Charities to promote their services
  • Young people will look out for signs of their friends being exploited
  • Young people to support friends if they see a problem.

The discussions and recommendations put forward at the Croydon Congress have formed the basis of a follow up report which was presented to Croydon’s Cabinet on 22 February 2016.