‘Working With Fathers’ Project in Croydon

Father Child

It is generally recognised that Children Services does not identify and include fathers. In Croydon we are developing our practice through the launch of the Engaging Fathers Project which aims to  develop a father inclusive culture across our services by identifying fathers early, involving them in assessments and interventions and encouraging fathers to take up services. This will mean we can improve how we hold those men who abuse women and children to account, build on the strengths of fathers and supporting non-abusive co-parenting even when the father is not residential.

As we become a children services that fully engages fathers and paternal extended families we will be able to divert children from the care system and place with fathers or paternal extended families and even reduce the amount of child abuse as fathers improve their relationships with children and with women. To achieve these aims Croydon Safeguarding Children Board is sponsoring a 7 point plan to engage fathers. This plan includes improved data collection and analysis, the training of staff and improved information to families.

If you want to know more contact engagingfathers@croydon.gov.uk or ring 020 8667 8295

Engaging Fathers Project – Croydon – Project Initiation Document 2016

Engage Fathers Action Plan March 2016 Croydon

Developing an Approach to Include Fathers in Children’s Social Care FINAL THESIS May 2015

Working With Men

Working With Men was founded as a charity in 1988 and is supporting positive male activity, engagement and involvement.  Working With Men works primarily with boys, young men and fathers – particularly from disadvantaged communities.  They enable them to access services and improve their social, health and career opportunities.

Working With Men’s aims are:

  • To enable individuals and organisations to understand masculinities and how their understanding affects them.
  • To achieve a wider social impact from all our work
  • To be at the cutting edge of work with boys and men, and to continually push the boundaries of this work.

Working With men develops services in a variety of settings, including schools, youth services, children’s centres, outreach, street and estate based work. The activities include:

  • conflict resolution and transition work in schools, Pupil Referral Units , Youth Offending Teams (through one to one work and group programmes)
  • fathers development work (especially with young fathers)
  • one to one work with young men not in Education Employment or Training
  • youth activities through estate based youth projects
  • Identity Projects focusing on race issues
  • projects aimed at preventing racist violence by young people, and
  • an Expectant Fathers Programme (externally evaluated as “excellent” by the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners and the Boys Development Programme)

Working With Men also deliver training and produce resources to support practitioners and agencies who work with boys, young men and fathers.

Working With Men’s Mission Statement

Our VisionOur vision is that boys and men who are marginalised and excluded should receive good quality services that meet their sometimes conflicting and changing needs, so that they can play a full and constructive role in their communities and society.

Our MissionTo identify unmet need among marginalised and excluded boys and men, demonstrate how that need can be met, and influence and inspire mainstream services to start to address and meet the need. In support of this mission we develop, deliver and disseminate services and resources for other agencies.

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