CSCP Briefing Notes

In this section we provide briefing notes to help inform professionals of notices and actions, regarding safeguarding children, which may be relevant to their line of work. If you have an item you think should be added here, please send us a message using Contact the Team link at the bottom of this page.

Covid-19 Safeguarding Information

Learning From CSCP Audits (Prompt Sheets) – Sept 2018

CSCB Briefing – Learning from Audits (Sept 2018)


Octavo – Section 11 report (What “good” looks like)

The Section 11 Audit submission was reviewed by the May 2018 Section 11 panel. Almost all elements of the audit were justifiably green and a follow up action was for the CSCB to meet with Octavo to understand how they have achieved this. The intention being to share with other partners to help inform their Section 11 audit activity.

What Good Looks Like – Octavo



Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Working Perspectives

Multi-agency staff from Croydon took part in a national survey which sought to understand how professionals describe their knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to supporting children and young people displaying harmful sexual behaviour. The research was led by Research in Practice and the National Children’s Bureau. Dez Holme from Research in Practice, considers what works well in developing capabilities, and what further support staff need. You can read a summary of the findings, download the national report and download the local results from the links below.

Locally work has been under way with young people to explore their understanding of harmful sexual behaviour and what kinds of support they would like to have in this area.

Safeguarding girls from Breast Ironing or Breast Flattening – CSCB Briefing April 2016

Breast Ironing or Breast Flattening

Safeguarding children from Extremist Ideology – CSCB Briefing April 2016

Extremist Ideology

Extreme Dialogue Launch Report – CSCB Briefing July 2016

Extreme Dialogue Launch Report

Serious Case Review – RSW – CSCB Briefing Feb 2017

CSCB Briefing SCR RSW Jan 2017

Serious Case Review – Claire – CSCB Briefing Feb 2017

CSCB Briefing SCR Claire CSCB Briefing SCR RSW Jan 2017





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