Croydon Child Death Reviews

“The Child Death Review process covers children; a child is defined in the Children Act 1989 as a person under 18 years of age. A child death review must be carried out for all children regardless of the cause of death. This includes the death of any live-born baby where a death certificate has been issued.”

Croydon is part of the South West London Child Death Overview Panel (SWL CDOP), along with the neighbouring boroughs of: Sutton, Merton, Wandsworth, Richmond and Kingston.  All children who are residents of Croydon when they die will have their deaths reviewed at the SWL CDOP.

Prior to review at the SWL CDOP, there will be a Joint Agency Response (JAR) meeting IF the criteria is met (held within 5 working days of a child’s death), followed by a Child Death Review Meeting (CDRM).

The Joint Agency Response meeting is chaired by the Designated Doctor for Child Death Reviews.

The CDRM is chaired by a Consultant Paediatrician from Croydon University Hospital. This is the multi-professional meeting that takes place prior to the child death review partners review (SWL CDOP). At the meeting, all matters relating to an individual child’s death are discussed by professionals involved with the case.

The CSCP ensures there is a clear working arrangement between Child Death process and learning, and Safeguarding Practice Reviews and learning, for more details see: 0CSCP Serious Child Safeguarding Notifications and Reviews Sep 2021 v9.docx

Making a notification of a Child Death

Any agency/professional becoming aware of:

  • A child death that has occurred in Croydon; or
  • A death of a child normally resident Croydon, where the death has occurred elsewhere

should make a notification to eCDOP via the notification form below:

Following notification of the death of a child, the coordinator will establish which agencies and professionals have been involved with the child or family either prior to or at the time of death by contacting the lead professionals in each agency.

The agency form will then be sent by the SPOC via eCDOP to the lead professional (or professional involved) from each agency and to any professionals known to have been involved for completion as soon as possible.

Professionals receiving a reporting form for completion should retrieve the agency’s case records for the child or other family members and complete on the form any information known to them or their organisation. If information is not known, please note this on the form, rather than leaving it blank.

Useful information below:

For further detailed information about child death reviews:

Croydon SPOC contact details;

Telephone – 020 8604 7392

Internal: 47392

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Notification of a child death to Croydon CDR

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