Jun 07

KCSIE 2022

KCSIE 2022 has been updated with some changes which will be incorporated into our Croydon model Safeguarding Policy ready for September.

Annex F within the document provides a summary of key changes but don’t rely on this solely as your update. Some of these key changes are:

  • Part 5 – Terminology of Peer-on-Peer abuse is now referred to as Child-on-Child abuse throughout the document and  Sexual Violence and Harassment document is now embedded within KCSIE. There is also reference to using the language of victim and perpetrator.
  • There is Governor training highlighted referring to safeguarding training for ALL governors and trustees.
  • Harmful online challenges and online Hoaxes is now mentioned within the document, although this is not a new publication.
  • There is emphasis on regular reviews of filtering and monitoring (Paragraph 139)
  • Further information on the use of school/college premises outside of school hours. (paragraph 166)
  • Further and more detailed information on low-level concerns compared to 2021 (paragraph 432)
  • Further emphasis on opportunities to teach safeguarding (Paragraphs 129-30)
  • LGBT pupils and providing safe places within school for them (Paragraphs 202-3)
  • and finally, online searches as part of the Safer Recruitment process remains in the document. See Paragraph 220 for guidance.

Both LGfL and Andrew Hall have produced short, quick guide presentations which talk through and highlight the key changes but remember, this does not replace your responsibility as a DSL and leader to read and understand the document.


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