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Sibling Sexual Abuse Project

Sibling sexual abuse is considered to be the most common form of child sexual abuse within the family setting in the UK. Children are more likely to be sexually abused by their siblings – brothers and sisters and stepbrothers and step-sisters – than by their parents. Yet, society’s awareness of sibling sexual abuse has trailed behind other child abuse issues and concerns.

From April 2022, SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support) is developing the National Resource Centre for Adult Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse (the Resource Centre). They want to increase the provision of nationally available specialist support and information for both female and male adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse and professionals working with adult survivors.

The Resource Centre has come out of the learning from the National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse. This two-year project, that ended in March 2022, was the largest Government-funded project on sibling sexual abuse to date. Funded by the Home Office and Ministry of Justice ‘Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (SVSCSA) Fund 2020 – 2022’, it was also the first England and Wales wide project on sibling sexual abuse. Rape Crisis England & Wales (RCEW) in partnership with two universities and two rape crisis centres – one of which was SARSAS – oversaw the project.

There are some excellent resources, videos and downloads available via this link

Conference Information pack | SARSAS

This pack contains links to six sessions from the conference and three training films that are now available on YouTube; and it contains information and links on working with children harmed by sibling sexual abuse; working with children that have harmed their siblings; working with affected families: and working with adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse. There is a section on information on further training on sibling sexual abuse and Harmful Sexualised Behaviour (HSB).

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