May 25

Domestic Abuse – Support Update

Please share this offer of support via your professional networks – from : – Safe and Together Implementation Lead I Respect

Domestic Abuse Case Consultations

If you are having any difficulties with DA cases, would like to map the harms, ascertain how to work with abusing or non-abusing parent or are stuck with case planning dilemmas you are welcome to request a consult. This offer is available to all staff, including housing, education and early help. Some people request a group consultation before or after TAF/CIN/Core Group meetings to help with planning which can also work well.

Email me on for a consult request with the case ID and your availability.

Group Reflective Sessions Available for Cases with Domestic Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Health

From June, Lee Avery (mental health and substance use specialist) and I will be running complex case group reflection sessions. You are welcome to approach us with a case that has multiple needs or come to hear what others are doing. We’ll run this as a group supervision in addition to offering advice on the case. This is open for social workers and early help workers.

Sessions will take place virtually on 1st Tuesday of every month at 11.30-12.30. First session will be 7th June. If you would like to discuss a specific case, please email me or Lee Avery the Case ID.

Please use this link to attend, no need to book in: Click here to join the meeting

Referrals for DA perpetrator programme

As part of the Restart pilot in Croydon (Sutton, Camden, Westminster, and Havering too!), the project is offering support for domestically abusive parents via a perpetrator programme. This includes 1:1 work by a behaviour change worker for up to 16 sessions and there is also the offer of accommodation for 28 days if required. As long as both parents consent to the work, there is no open criminal investigation and the risk does not meet the threshold of Drive (high risk/high harm); Restart may be a good option for the family. Support is also offered to the victim/survivor alongside the perpetrator programme to help with risk assessments. For a referral form and leaflets to share with parents, please email me at

Upcoming Training

There is availability on the Safe and Together Overview training taking place on 29th and 30th June (1-4pm). This training provides the basics of the model and is suitable for staff, managers and allied professionals.  If you would like to attend, please email me on

There is further training on the Learning Hub that is specific to different areas of DA including: how to work with non-abusive parents to safety plan; how to work with perpetrators and some direct work tools for children. Please book directly on the site.

Additionally, Restart are offering a number of cross borough training sessions – you can book on using the following link: HERE


In a recent case (B v P [2022] EWFC B18), a mother appealed a fact finding in a private law case when father made counter allegations of abuse and findings were made against the mother and none against father.

HHJ Levey, amongst other issues noted:

‘The judge did not follow the approach endorsed in Re H-N of stepping back from the precise allegations and considering the behaviour as a whole or whether there was a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. HHJ Levey considered that had the judge stood back to consider the evidence as a whole, rather than making separate findings on each example given, she would surely have found the father’s behaviour to have formed such a pattern. Having failed to do so, the result was that the judge ‘minimised’ the father’s behaviour and fell into error [§56 and 66].’

In this case father was a litigant in person and questioned mother directly without any special measures in place. None of the findings could stand and the application has been relisted. You can read more here:

I’ve considered how this relates to the safe and together approach: It reinforces the need for us to think about patterns of behaviour in domestic abuse and not be incident based. It makes me think about how systems can be sites of secondary trauma, here the father was cross examining his alleged victim! It also makes me think about robust analysis and gives me some optimism that we can do better spotting harm. – Safe and Together Implementation Lead I Respect

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