Nov 18

Training Needs Analysis – your help please!

On behalf of the CSA Task and Finish Group can you circulate the 2 short surveys as widely as possible across your networks – links below.

The deadline for completion is 10th January 2022.

Social worker survey:

Survey for school staff; youth workers; police and health workers etc:

The first survey is for social workers working in children’s social care and the second is for professionals such as teachers and other school staff, youth workers, police and health workers etc. Both surveys are quite short.

The aim of the surveys is to find out what training professionals have had in relation to intra-familial child sexual abuse and how confident they feel in their ability to identify and support children who are victims of sexual abuse within the family. The survey asks which borough professionals work in or for, which will enable us to provide a borough breakdown for Local SCPs.

We hope you will find this helpful and that it will inform your local training programme. The T&F Group will also review the findings and identify and share resources that Local SCPs could use to deliver the relevant training and raise awareness.

The T&F Group reports to the London SCP Executive and the findings will also be shared with the Executive to consider if there is more that can be done Pan-London to ensure the safeguarding workforce has the guidance and training it needs to identify and support victims of intra-familial sexual abuse.

Finally, please be alerted to the JTAI, published in 2020, which addressed the multi-agency response to CSA in the family environment and calls on professionals to give sexual abuse a higher priority in local areas, through improved training and awareness-raising of the problem.

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