Nov 22

StreetSafe- Police initiative to tackle Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG)

Following the tragic high-profile murder of Sarah Everard, the Met has announced its commitment to tackling VAWG.

One of the challenges has been a lack of data – street-based micro-aggressions are not currently a crime, therefore the volume of these incidents is unknown.

StreetSafe is a non-crime anonymous online reporting tool to collect data to find out where women feel unsafe and why. The scope is not limited to VAWG but enables the wider community to raise concerns. It was launched on Thursday 2nd September 2021 and a pilot will run for 90 days.

Members of the public reporting online can choose which contributing factors may be making them feel unsafe from a range of behavioural and environmental factors. This will indicate to the police where improvements can be made.

Users will not be asked any questions about their identity but there will be optional questions related to crime reporting and protected characteristics, such as age, sex, ethnicity etc., to understand the demographics using StreetSafe and whether further refinements are needed to the tool to support those with protected characteristics.

Data from StreetSafe is uploaded onto a hub where police officers across the country can access it. The aim is to reduce micro-aggressions against women and girls in public spaces and them feel safer.

The link to StreetSafe is below:

Superintendent Andy Brittain Deputy BCU Commander (Croydon, Sutton & Bromley) requests “Please can you spread the word and encourage your communities to report. The more data we get, the more we can see which areas to focus on, which partners to work with and which groups are being affected the most.”




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