Sep 23

Black History Month – how will you celebrate?

Over the past year or so, a large number of the Croydon Community have been working together to consider ways in which they can celebrate much of the great work currently being undertaken to celebrate diversity within the borough.

During October, many organisations, including schools, will be celebrating Black History Month.

A few of the events occuring in London can be found here: London Events

Over the past few months, Greenvale Primary School have been creating a resource that can be used by children in Year 5 and 6 to help celebrate this month.

The resource is a website which contains videos of members of our community sharing chapters of Benjamin Zephanaih’s ‘Windrush Child’ book that was released last year.

Readers include a councillor, council employees, headteachers, teachers, grandparents, parents and pupils.  Next to this recording is an activity, linked to the recording, that can be completed.  The idea is that children can have access to the book and follow along with the recording and that they are able to listen to 4 recordings per week as this will mean the book can be completed within the month.

Benjamin Zephaniah is aware of the resource and has kindly agreed to host a live Q+A session for schools.

Dan Bowden the Head of Greenvale Primary asks if anyone would like to read one or two chapters?

He can be contacted

The website can be reached via this link:


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