Jun 18

Parenting Program – open for referrals

We are pleased to confirm that the Triple P and Teen Triple P groups are open for new referrals now.

Triple P is a strength-based group programme aimed at building parents’ confidence in managing their children’s behaviour, build positive family relationships and manage the challenges of being a parent.

You can find a copy of the delivery schedule for the autumn term 2021, as well as further information on how to refer parents and carers for support here:

Parenting programmes delivery schedule VIRTUAL – Autumn 2021

All groups will be delivered via MS teams. The team will be on hand to support parents with setting up their IT as well as to have an introductory conversation prior to the start of the programme.

In order to allow us to contact parents prior to the start of the groups, we kindly ask that parents are referred at least two weeks prior to the start of the group.

For more information or to discuss a parenting request, please contact


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