May 28

NCA Child Trafficking Campaign

Between 28th June – 4th July a Europol EMPACT Trafficking in Human Beings led initiative will be delivered.

The aim of the activity is for all participating countries to look at the forms of child trafficking which are relevant to, or prevalent in, their countries. The focus will also be on identifying areas where either operational activity or intelligence work will be valuable in understanding this threat and improve safeguarding of underage potential victims.

The United Kingdom is the joint action lead for this intensified activity. It is intended that this activity will enhance and develop our knowledge in relation to child trafficking and exploitation of under 18s.

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In support of this objective, please refer to Home Office Child Exploitation Disruption Toolkit which can be found at the following URL:

With regard to Information Sharing – the following document may provide some relevant guidance:

Information Sharing Guidance July 2018

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