May 24

Campaign to support tradespeople working in peoples homes

During Covid many children and vulnerable people have been confined to their homes with little or no access to support.

Even as lockdown eases, many still are without the usual support systems and this can make them vulnerable to being exploited, abused or neglected.

As a partnership, we are providing these resources to support the wider workforce, particularly the thousands of trades and professions who are still visiting homes such as delivery drivers, carers, tradespeople, hairdressers and postal workers.

At a time when the usual professionals who visit families in their homes are not able to have the contact that would usually notice the things we would be worried about, we are appealing to the wider workforce to step into this space. 

We are asking them to be curious, pay attention to how people look and behave and if something is concerning – to use the contacts and links provided to talk about their concerns.

It is not the responsibility of this wider workforce to decide whether abuse has occurred, but they should report concerns so the correct professionals can make the decisions necessary to support families and protect the vulnerable.

Safeguarding is EVERYBODY’S responsibility.

The poster supporting the campaign can be downloaded here:

Working in peoples homes v3

Free training for workers entering peoples homes can be found here:

Safeguarding awareness training for workers who enter people’s homes | NSPCC Learning


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