Mar 23

NEW – Pan London Exploitation Protocol

Led by the Police, this multi-agency  document replaces the Pan London CSE Protocol.

Expanding on the good practice documented in the 2017 CSE Protocol, this version includes all forms of exploitation including County Lines, and On-Line exploitation as well as an Adolescent Safeguarding Practice Framework.

It’s aims to:

  • Identify children at risk of exploitation and keep them safe
  • Up-skill all Safeguarding Partnerships to achieve a standardised collaborative approach to Child Exploitation
  • Provide early intervention opportunities to stop or prevent children becoming victims of exploitation
  • Provide front line responders with the correct disruption tools


2021 Pan London Protocol – 16th March


The following powerpoint can be used to raise awareness of the new protocol and highlights the key changes.

Pan London Exploitation Protocol slide pack


NHS South London
Met Police
NHS Croydon Health Services
NHS Croydon Clinical
Safer London