Feb 22

Kinship Carers – how they are coping during Covid-19

Already vulnerable, the COVID-19 global pandemic is having a significant impact on kinship families, placing additional stress on their already difficult situations.

Grandparents Plus consulted with kinship carers throughout the first lockdown period, through short surveys, feedback from our local project workers and enquiries to our advice service and in our annual survey of over 500 kinship carers to find out how they are coping and how their needs are changing.

Grandparents Plus’ 2020 annual survey found:

• 70% of kinship carers struggled during the pandemic.
• 82% of kinship carers did not feel adequately support by their local authorities.
• 24% said they were not sure they could cope in another lockdown

Kinship carers fulfil an essential role in society; they care for some of society’s most vulnerable children, preventing them from entering the care system. However, they are often vulnerable themselves and most would benefit from additional support.

The Adoption Support Fund provides an invaluable source of support for families that cannot be found elsewhere and Grandparents Plus very much welcomes the extension of this funding to support the needs of many special guardians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kinship Response, funded through the Adoption Support Fund Covid-19 funding, is providing tailored and holistic support for special guardians and their families.

The impact to date is positive for special guardians and the children they care for: the special guardians feel less isolated, more confident in their role and report reduced concerns about their children’s wellbeing.

Special guardians and other kinship carers need sustained support to develop resilience to protect against the effects of the pandemic and any future unforeseen crises.

Read the full report here:

Supporting special guardians during the pandemic (Grandparents Plus Jan 21)

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