Nov 18

CSCP Annual Report Published

This is the first Annual Report of the Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership and reflects work undertaken since September 2019 when the new safeguarding partnership arrangements were implemented.

This report reflects the richness of multi-agency safeguarding work undertaken in Croydon and includes an evaluation of the effectiveness of the partnership arrangements.

2019/20 has seen significant changes for the work of the CSCP. The implementation of the new arrangements as a partnership, evolving from the previous Board arrangements; an Ofsted Inspection, the Black Lives matter campaign and all agencies coping with the Covid 19 Pandemic. These have been unprecedented times and the CSCP has risen collectively, positively and extremely well to the challenge.

Di Smith (CSCP Independent Chair & Scrutineer) reflected on the report:

One of the strongest elements of the CSCP has been the work of the
Executive Group which holds collective responsibility for the new
safeguarding arrangements forming the ‘engine room’ of the partnership.
Here is where the statutory partners set the safeguarding agenda and the
strength of this has been demonstrated during the Covid 19 pandemic both
in their response to lockdown and then the easing of restrictions and
reopening of schools”.


The broad multi-agency membership of the CSCP has meet three times since the new arrangements came into place. These well attended meetings have enabled wider safeguarding partners to be actively engaged in shaping the work being undertaken to safeguard children in Croydon. The meetings have kept partners up to date with developments on the three priorities; Neglect, Vulnerable Adolescents and Safeguarding Children with Disabilities”.

In July, the broader CSCP meeting became a virtual meeting enabling all partners to come together to reflect on the profound impact of Covid19 and to consider Black Lives Matter and the implications for Croydon’s young people experiencing discrimination and injustice. The quality of the discussion was rich and focused and sharpened enormously by contributions from the BME forum sharing with us the voices of Croydon’s young people including their concerns about education, exploitation and County Lines, lack of money and opportunity and youth unemployment.

You can read or download the full report here:

CSCP Annual Report 2019-20 Nov FINAL publication

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