Sep 14

#LookCloser – preventing child exploitation

#LookCloser is a national public awareness campaign seeking to prevent child exploitation. Developed in partnership by the NPCC, BTP and The Children’s Society it seeks to highlight that child exploitation can take place anywhere and may be particularly visible in public spaces.

Exploited children and young people don’t always look vulnerable and may not act like victims.

Don’t wait. Report it.

Young people who have been exploited:

  • Don’t always look vulnerable
  • Don’t always act like victims
  • May not understand they are being exploited
  • May have a distrust of police/adults in authority
  • May appear angry or aggressive; these are common signs of trauma
  • Can feel scared about what might happen to them next
  • Need to feel safe and heard, so that they feel comfortable talking about what might be happening to them


Find out more info here:


This leaflet can help you to promote the campaign:

LookCloser leaflet


This briefing pack can be used to raise awareness:

LookCloser Intranet Slides

Further resources such as email signatures and posters to raise awareness can also be downloaded via the link above.

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