Aug 17

CPC – Child to Parent Violence Programme

A recent paper raised the awareness of child on parent violence during covid-19.

Child and adolescent to parent violence during Covid 19 Aug 20

The Child to Parent Violence Programme is a project to help tackle incidences of young people displaying violence toward their parents and works with parents, young people, their families and professionals using Non-Violent Resistance (NVR).

The sessions are delivered by RISE, funded by the Youth Endowment Fund.


  • Up to 20 sessions will be offered, to take place within the child’s home.
  • In addition, RISE will work with schools, sports/youth clubs and other agencies to deliver a single approach within the community support network.
  • RISE will offer NVR training to staff and professionals too.


You can find out more – including how to make a referral in the leaflet below.

Child to Parent Violence programme RISE Aug 20

Please consider circulating this link to your networks – or displaying the poster as appropriate.



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