May 15

Best Practice Guide – Case Study of schools coping during Covid-19

This paper, produced by Croydon Education – Standards Safeguarding and Inclusion Service gives a small flavour of the strong work that was, and is still, being carried out to support the young people across Croydon.

There is a case study from each educational setting, Michael McKeaveney (Interim Head of Standards, Safeguarding & Inclusion) said ” I am indebted to the school leaders for providing this information but again, would like to emphasise that this is only a small group of examples from over 100 schools”.

Read the full report here:SARS-Cov-2 LBC Education Case Studies

The CSCP produces a regular update on the provision from all services during Covid-19 measures: See here for latest version

There is also a Safeguarding In Education Toolkit page on the CSCP website. We welcome your suggestions and updates.

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