Apr 06

CLIP – Croydon Local Intervention Programme

Connecting young people with their communities

CLIP offers support & guidance for 8-16 year olds living and/or educated in Croydon. The programme is designed to support young people who are showing early signs of criminality, anti-social behaviour or risky behaviour.

Referrals are made to Croydon Youth Services who will assess the needs of the young person and create a suitable plan with a strong emphasis around local provisions that focus on interests and development needs.

CLIP caseworkers will offer approximately 4 sessions 1-2-1 with young people & maintain contact for a period of 3-6 months. Sessions are an opportunity to develop the interests and needs of young people and wherever possible link them into local provisions that they would like to explore.


Referral criteria:

  • Early indicators of ASB (anti-social behaviour) of identification by schools, community leaders/members and local police teams (including the schools team)
  • 8-16 years old
  • Living and/or educated in Croydon
  • Not known to other council services (i.e. children’s social care)
  • Consent must be sourced by the referring organisation/person and the family/carers must be aware of the referral


For full details please see our CLIP Operational Guidelines.

Please refer young people using the CLIP Referral Form and email to clip@croydon.gov.uk


For more information please contact us

email – clip@croydon.gov.uk

Phone – 07729 445 983

Website: YoungCroydon.org.uk


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