Jul 15

I’m Fine – supporting positive mental health for young people

This guide was written and illustrated by young people aged 13-20 from Croydon Drop In’s Young People’s Team – The Voice. It was put together specifically to be offered to parents, carers and any adults who live or work with young people.

In this booklet the young people speak about their own experiences of being supported through their own mental and emotional health challenges. There are quotes and tips from young people too.

All the young people spoken to had similar experiences of the barriers they faced when attempting to access services and often felt that they were not taken seriously, were patronised and had been let down.

The experiences they had with their parents and carers differed, whereby some young people found their parents to be very supportive and helpful and others felt that the adults could have been better equipped at handling things.

This guide is intended to draw these experiences together to inform adults who are trying to support young people and to pool together a list of services that are available to support young people and their families as well as professionals involved in the care of young people.


I’m Fine CDI Booklet


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