May 09

CSCB Neglect Strategy 2019-2021

The Croydon Safeguarding Children Board Child Neglect Strategy introduces a shared approach to preventing and responding to neglect. It gives focus to the spectrum of needs arising when sub-optimal parenting can become neglect – from early help to child protection, and the role all agencies can play in supporting a child impacted by neglect.

The strategy aims to ensure that children affected or at risk of neglect are Seen, Heard and Helped. Focus is also given to use of the Graded Care Profile2, an evidence-based tool to accurately identify areas of neglect. Implementation of the Strategy is driven by the partnership neglect priority group.

Download the CSCB-Neglect-Strategy 2019-2021

For details on completing the Graded Care Profile2 training visit the CSCB Learning & DevelopmentĀ 

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