Oct 05

Independent Chair of CSCB presents CSCB Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present the Croydon Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) Annual Report for 2017/18. I became Interim Independent Chair in September 2017 and I would like to thank all partners for their support and commitment to the development and improvement of safeguarding arrangements in Croydon. I would also like to thank Sarah Baker, the previous chair, for all her hard work and for her support in the handover arrangements.

This report covers the period from April 2017 to March 2018 and examines how Croydon Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) discharged its statutory role and function as outlined in ‘Working Together 2015’.

I hope you find it an interesting read.

CSCB Annual Report 2017-18 October 2018


Di Smith

Interim Independent Chair

Croydon Safeguarding Children Board

NHS South London
Met Police
NHS Croydon Health Services
NHS Croydon Clinical
Safer London