If you suspect that a child or young person in Croydon may be being abused or neglected, it is vital you report your concerns so that this can be investigated.

Child protection and safeguarding contact numbers

If you believe a child is at immediate risk of harm, call 999
• For Urgent Action call the Single Point of Contact (same day intervention by a social worker)

0208 255 2888

• For Urgent Action out of Hours call 0208 726 6400
• Professionals can contact the Single Point of contact for advice, provided that the case is not allocated to another social worker and the child lives in the Croydon area. The Single Point of Contact Consultation Line is 0208 726 6464

A follow-up written submission will also be required, using the SPOC referral form


How to make a referral

• View information about how to make a referral to the Single Point of Contact
• Access the online Single Point of Contact referral form
• If you have issues using the online referral form you can download a Word version of the referral form, you will need to save and send. 


If your request is for practical family or parenting support then an Early Help Assessment and a team around the family approach needs to be considered. The Early Help Assessment is a holistic assessment used to identify the strengths and challenges the family are facing.

Effective Support Guidance – right help, right time

For more information on the early help offer or advice, log on to www.practitionerspacecroydon.co.uk or email childreferrals@croydon.gov.uk


Croydon Single Point of Contact – what do we do?

Whether a safeguarding or early help response is needed, the Single Point of Contact is here to help. The Single Point of Contact is made up of staff from the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and Early Help. The Single Point of Contact will offer simpler access to advice and support ensuring a prompt response when children or young people are considered to be at risk. They will also support practitioners in agreeing an Early Help offer for children and young people.

Contact numbers are:

Urgent child protection matters needing immediate attention Tel: 0208 255 2888
Professionals’ consultation line – Tel: 0208 726 6464

Emergency social work service for urgent child protection matters that cannot wait until the next working day – Tel: 0208 726 6400


Link to Croydon Council Child Protection Contact Details





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