Multi-agency training for everyone working with children and families in Croydon

Welcome to Croydon’s Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) Learning and Development. This programme is available to all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people, and is intended to complement single agency training.

The 2018/19 safeguarding learning and development programme is available from 23 April 2018

To access the programme, ‘Croydon Learning’ has been introduced to help you:

  • Browse and book training
  • Manage your training bookings and cancellations
  • Easier access to training records and attendance certificates
  • Plus new local e-learning content will soon be available

Registering for an account is easy:

From 23 April use your account to log in to Croydon Learning 

  • Click on ‘Social Care’
  • Select ‘Croydon Safeguarding Boards – Adult and Children Safeguarding
  • Select ‘Safeguarding Children’

From there you can easily browse all safeguarding e-learning and face-to-face multi-agency training.

The new system replaces booking training through ‘My Account’.

What Safeguarding Learning and Development do I need?

The CSCB L&D Programme is based on the pan-London Competence Still Matters (2014)  which provides detail on eight staff groups and the minimum training content, delivery and outcome requirements in respect of each group. This document is not replicated here, so you must refer to the full version for further details (linked above).

  • It is important to note that Competence Still Matters (2104) should also be used to determine single-agency safeguarding learning and development, whether this is delivered in-house or commissioned
  • This table illustrates the staff group a role may fall into, example roles are given but are in no way exhaustive
  • It is recommended that safeguarding training is refreshed at least every three years
  • Multi-agency safeguarding training is intended to complement single agency training, not replace it.

What Safeguarding Learning Do I Need – is a summary guide to help you determine what safeguarding learning and development you or your organisation’s role need to engage with.

Any questions?

Any questions about CSCB Safeguarding training please email

Costs, Venues and Refreshments

Costs: CSCB training is free for all organisational members of Croydon Safeguarding Children Board and is currently free to all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people in Croydon. A charge for non-attendance may be made, please see terms and conditions when booking on to a course.

Venues: Most of the CSCB Learning and Development events will take place either at Bernard Weatherill House or at Heathfield House Training Centre. Venue details are provided upon booking. Maps and directions to these two locations are given below.

Map and directions to Bernard Weatherill House CR01EA

Map and directions to Heathfield House CR05RH

Refreshments: Most CSCB Learning and Development events will not provide lunch and refreshments, you are therefore advised to bring your own. When attending events at Bernard Weatherill House, there is a cafe on site, shops nearby and microwaves are available for use. When attending events at Heathfield House there are vending machines for snacks and a microwave is available for use, there are no nearby shops (20min walk one-way).


Inter-agency training for everyone working with children and families in Croydon

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