Multi-agency training for everyone working with children and families in Croydon

Welcome to Croydon’s Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) Learning and Development. This programme is available to all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people, and is intended to complement single agency training.

CSCB Neglect Conference 6th June 2017

The CSCB Neglect Conference 6th June 2017  includes keynote speakers from NSPCC and Research in Practice Associates. It gives delegates the opportunity to discuss and learn together on some of the most challenging issues when working with neglect, including:

  • What is neglect
  • How does neglect impact babies, children and young people
  • Assessing and evidencing neglect
  • The obstacles to responding effectively to neglect
  • Seeing, Hearing and Helping Children & Families
  • The use of Early Help approaches
  • What can your organisation do to get better at protecting children and young people from neglect?

The conference will also give you the chance to contribute to the Croydon Neglect Strategy. This event is for Managers and Practitioners working in Education, Early Years, Health, Social Care, Police, Housing and Community and Voluntary settings.

BOOK NOW: You can opt to attend the whole day, morning only or afternoon only – programme outline is shown below. Venue details are available upon booking click here for details: CSCB Neglect Conference 6th June 2017.

If you have already registered to access Safeguarding and Early Help training, log in to ‘My Account’ at You can access Safeguarding and Early Help training under ‘Apply for it- A-Z’ or through ‘View My Account’.

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Please see below for courses currently available to book. These courses are for professionals and volunteers working directly with children, young people and families.

What Safeguarding Learning and Development do I need?

The CSCB L&D Programme is based on the pan-London Competence Still Matters (2014)  which provides detail on eight staff groups and the minimum training content, delivery and outcome requirements in respect of each group. This document is not replicated here, so you must refer to the full version for further details

  • It is important to note that Competence Still Matters (2104) should be used to determine single-agency safeguarding learning and development, whether this is delivered in-house or commissioned.
  • This table illustrates the staff group a role may fall into, example roles are given but are in no way exhaustive.
  • It is recommended that safeguarding training is refreshed at least every three years.

What Safeguarding Learning Do I Need – is a summary guide to help you determine what safeguarding learning and development you or your organisation’s role need to engage with.


CSCB Learning and Development Programme 2017-2018

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Safeguarding E-learning 

E-learning offers introductory courses about safeguarding children.

There are a range of topics including: Safeguarding Children Level 1 |  Safeguarding Children Level 2  | CSE  |  Substance Misuse | Effective communication with children and families  |  Information Sharing  | Domestic Abuse  | Autism and more.

Other free safeguarding e-learning available includes:    |     FGM   |   Parental Mental Health  |  



How to Book on to CSCB Safeguarding and Early Help Training

You must have a Croydon My Account to book a place on face to face training, the information below explains how to do this.

The booking system is easy to use and there is a short step-by-step guide available to download.

The booking system will allow you to book and complete a training evaluation on-line after attending the session, upon completion of the evaluation you will receive your training attendance certificate.

** Please note that if you are not booked to attend an event, the facilitator has the right not to admit you.

** If you want to cancel or swap a place with another colleague who has booked a place, please contact before the event.

** If you fail to attend without notice of a cancellation your organisation may be charged a ‘non-attendance’ fee.

For full instructions and guidance CLICK HERE to access the handy step-by-step should you need help.

Any questions?

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CSCB training is free for all organisational members of Croydon Safeguarding Children Board and is currently free to all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people in Croydon.

A charge for non-attendance may be made, please see terms and conditions when booking on to a course.


Inter-agency training for everyone working with children and families in Croydon

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