The CSCB is made up of a Board with senior representatives from its member agencies, and various sub-groups which undertake the Board’s business.

CSCB Structure Chart May 2018

The Board meets bi-monthly throughout the year to discuss a wide range of issues.  Sub-groups meet either bi-monthly or quarterly and report back to the Board (the Child Death Overview Panel meets more frequently).  Closely linked are the Croydon Safeguarding Adults Board (CSAB) the Health & Well-Being Board (HWBB) and the Community Safety Partnership (CSP)  The sub-groups are as follows:

  • Executive Steering Group: The main purpose of the Executive Steering Group is to coordinate the delivery of the CSCB Business Plan. This will be principally achieved through the Sub Group Chairs and lead officers of partner agencies meeting together on a regular basis with the DCS and the Independent Chair to collectively drive forward the Business Plan. The Executive Steering Group will also consider emerging national and local themes and issues which require consideration or action by the CSCB. The Executive Steering Group will deal with some delegated responsibilities on behalf of the Board (e.g. budget planning and monitoring).
  • Joint CSCB & Croydon Safeguarding Adult Board Sub Group (JACS): Newly established in early 2016 to drive progress in areas of safeguarding work across children and adult services.
  • Sub Group Chairs Committee: Each quarter the sub-group Chairs come together  to share the progress of their sub-group on their respective Business Plans. This provides an opportunity for reflection and for the Chairs to gain greater awareness of the collective work of the Board, to identify emerging themes or issues which will influence future work and to promote positive solutions.
  • Section 11 Panel: Scrutinises partner agency arrangements on an annual basis and give feedback to individual agencies and the Board on the effectiveness of those arrangements, areas for improvement and lessons learnt.  Reviews will also be carried out of Schools and Colleges,  Commissioned services and small to medium sized voluntary groups.
  • Quality Assurance, Practice & Performance Sub Group:  The QAPP Sub-Group is responsible for understanding whether all agencies are safeguarding children effectively. It achieves this by monitoring performance, developing and implementing the Quality Assurance Framework and as a result of these activities, making recommending actions and plans to address any gaps to the CSCB.
  • Learning & Development Sub Group: The main role is to plan, deliver and monitor the effectiveness of the annual multi agency training programme.  This includes basic and advanced safeguarding children courses for the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors.  E-learning courses are also available.  For more details on the local training programme, go to Learning-Development
  • SCR Sub Group: Considers cases where a child has died or been seriously injured and meets the criteria in Working Together for a Serious Case Review. It then monitors the action plan until the Review is complete. It also reviews cases that are deemed ‘near misses’ or cases where there could be some multi agency learning.
  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Committee:  This group exists to have a strategic oversight of multi-agency responses to domestic abuse within Croydon, working in partnership to provide scrutiny to progress on the delivery of the DASV strategy and ensure the multi-agency management of domestic abuse is victim focused, efficient and effective.
  • C&YP At Risk Of Missing & Sexual Exploitation sub-group: The Croydon Local Safeguarding Children Board Sexual Exploitation Child Sexual Exploitation sub group is a strategic subgroup that aims to provide clarity on how safeguarding is addressed within the specific priority areas of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and missing children.
  • Education Sub Group: The purpose of the Education sub-group is to ensure schools are implementing good and effective safeguarding procedures and practices so that all Croydon Children in Croydon Schools are as safe as we can make them.
  • Health Sub Group: To promote and integrate best practice in relation to safeguarding children/child protection across the Health economy in Croydon, through co-operation and joint working, thereby facilitating better outcomes for children and young people. The Health sub-group coordinates safeguarding practice across the sector and feeds into the main Board.
  • Child Death Overview Panel Sub Group: Through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of child deaths, the Croydon Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) aims to better understand how and why children in Croydon die, providing relevant knowledge and skills to interpret the information gained and use our findings to take action to prevent other deaths and improve the health and safety of our children.
  • Prevention of Modern Day Slavery Sub Group: A joint sub group of the CSCB and the Croydon Safeguarding Adults Board to address issues across children and adult services, such as Trafficking.
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