Mar 14

Ofsted Monitoring Visit – letter published

Ofsted have published its findings from its most recent monitoring visit to Croydon children’s social care and early help, which took place on 19 and 20 February 2019.  

You can read the full report here   

Robert Henderson (Executive Director – Children, Families & Education LBC) said:

“The feedback is encouraging. Inspectors found that children’s social care and early help in Croydon continues to improve and is now improving at ‘an accelerated pace’. Ofsted stated that we have a good level of understanding about our current strengths and challenges and that we have clear priorities  and strategic direction. They observed and were told that frontline staff were positive about their work and that we are creating a culture ‘with the experience of the child at the centre’, which is at the heart of our improvement plan.




Inspectors focused on our early help services, and how we ‘step down’ cases when the risk has been reduced. Early help is a key area for our partnership right now, as we work together to transform service delivery, and offer children and families the right help at the right time, in the right place, through a co-ordinated approach. It was too soon for Ofsted to fully evaluate the impact of these recent changes, but it’s good to hear they feel children and families in receipt of early help are being ‘well-supported’ and that we had a skilled workforce.

While Ofsted’s findings are encouraging, there is still much to be done, and we are far from complacent. We must ensure greater consistency among practice, so that all our children and young people are receiving the high standards of care we want them to receive, at every stage of their lives. We also know that partnership working needs to improve. Although Ofsted feel staff morale is much improved, staff recruitment and retention remain areas for action, and we continue to address this as a priority.

Finally, I want to thank you, as our valued partners for your important contribution to our progress, and for all your support to date. Together, we are making a difference, to our service, and to our children and families. I look forward to working with you as we build on this, knowing that for our children, young people and their families we are better together.”



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