Nov 12

New CSCB Resolution of Professional Disagreement in Safeguarding Children Policy

The CSCB has updated its previous ‘Escalation Policy’ to introduce its revised ‘Resolution of Professional Disagreements  in Safeguarding Children Policy’ 2018. The purpose of this policy is to explain what to do when any professional has a concern or disagreement with an agency decision or action related to a child. Its aim is to ensure that the focus is kept on the child’s safety and well-being through promoting a culture of professional challenge and providing framework for timely and effective resolutions.

National and local serious case reviews have highlighted the importance of professionals challenging decisions to ensure the best outcomes for children and their families. Locally SCRs have found that concerns about decisions made are often not followed up with robust professional challenge.

Children’s safety can only be assured and their welfare promoted where professionals work jointly, sharing responsibility for case management and decision making. Within this, the importance of a culture which supports professional challenge cannot be underestimated. Professional challenge is recognised as a positive activity and a sign of good professional practice, a healthy organisation and effective multi-agency working. This policy provides a clear framework to ensure that timely and effective resolutions are made.

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