Sep 13

Briefing Note – Recurring Themes from CSCB Audits

The Croydon CSCB carries out various audit activities including

  • Serious Case Reviews
  • Multi-Agency Audits (most recent: Neglect Audit Spring 2018)
  • Single Agency Audits (updates received 6 monthly)
  • Section 11 Panel Meetings (update due in November 2018)


Findings and Learning

Full details are contained within relevant reports and have been circulated as appropriate. However the recurring themes from each area above have been presented on single page prompt sheets.

Please consider using these sheets to share the learning across all agencies and organisations working with children and families.


Examples of their use include:

  • Multi-Agency practitioners using them to increase their knowledge of findings from audits involving vulnerable children


  • Supervision or Management Oversight meetings – to help embed learning and encourage a culture of professional curiosity


  • Team Meetings with any staff in any organisation who may interact with children and families, to help inform practice in this area and provoke discussion about how they might react to concerns about a child or young person

Learning from Audits (Sept 2018)


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Met Police
NHS Croydon Health Services
NHS Croydon Clinical
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