Jun 28

Time To Shine Kids

Time to Shine Kids is a not for profit organisation. They offer an alternative and highly effective, evidence based therapy intervention with horses (NB this is NOT horse riding). Supporting children and young people who experience social, emotional, mental health or behavioural difficulties, and who may have learning needs including reduced attention and concentration.

This work is particularly effective both as an early intervention, but also where other interventions have not succeeded due to lack of trust, past trauma, attachment and/or relational difficulties. There are proven benefits when working with this client group, where traditional talk therapies have not succeeded.

The therapeutic process allows clients to express their emotions and feelings in a safe place by projecting and connecting with the horses, who mirror and help to unravel the clients’ story. By learning to trust an animal, clients develop or renew a capacity for trust which they can then generalise to human beings i.e. human–horse bonding can have an impact on the therapeutic alliance between clients and their treatment providers. In practice, this might mean reduced disengagement levels from the mental health services and more willing to accept support from the mental health workers with higher levels of engagement.

Previous research reliably indicates that human-animal contact reduces physiological anxiety levels and in addition to this benefit, our therapeutic approach provides opportunity to build connection, relationship with self and others and build on self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Time To Shine Kids (leaflet)

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