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Summary of CSCB Meeting 27th March 2018

The CSCB Board Meeting took place at Bernard Weatherill House on 27th March 2018.

The meeting was chaired by Di Smith (Interim Independent Chair CSCB).

The CSCBs approach to embedding the learning from SCRs – single agency and partnership

A report was presented on SCR Learning by Anita McGrath (CSCB Learning & Development Co-Ordinator). She also delivered a group activity, where tables were asked to discuss:
• How can your organisation ensure that SCR learning is embedded?
• What works?
• What are the challenges?

This was an opportunity for all agencies to demonstrate how they have embedded learning from recent Croydon SCRs.

Feedback from this will influence the Learning and Improvement Framework.

Engagement with Children and Young People

Jane Corrigan (D/Supt Croydon Police) and Cathy Thomas (Sergeant Croydon Police) summarised the current work carried out by the Police teams linked to serious youth violence. Various strategies are being used, including a U Tube Campaign where they are hoping to capture the voice of 4,000 young people. The work is described as a way of  breaking down percieved barriers when presented by a uniform, thereby making officers more approachable. The focus is on understanding young people’s views, including views around ‘stop and search’.

Young People devised a questionnaire and Police specifically targeted the location and the time of the events. Some of these events took place in New Addington and in North End, Croydon. There have also been numerous activities, including a three week anti-knife crime event and pop-up tents – where officers were available to speak with young people and answer any questions.

When greater resources come into effect, following the Borough Command Unit structure, it is hoped that there will be more resource to be directly involved in schools.

Cllr Flemming attended two of the events and reported that they were really good. “There were interested groups of young people from different backgrounds engaging with Police officers, and there was a positive atmosphere with good engagement”. She commended the Police for thinking outside of the box, and achieving what they set out to do by creating a useful dialogue.


Update on the implementation of the Single Point of Contact (MASH)

Iain Low (Head of Early Intervention) attended for this item.
Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is the coming together of MASH and Early Help. Details on the changes can be seen here:

Multi-agency messages from the CSE audit undertaken for the OFSTED monitoring visit

Tom Stevenson (Interim Head of Safeguarding & QA) attended for this item and presented his report.
Within the cohort of cases audited there was a good balance of ethnicity and gender. Cases concentrated on CSE, gangs, criminality and county lines. The findings included:

  • Management Oversight/supervision is still a challenge
  • There are the beginnings of positive change, but still early days
  • Evidence of good practice individually, more needs to be done to ensure agencies work together, including more partnership based plans.
  • With the Strengthening Families practice model approach, we are seeing improvements and the thinking is changing.


Barbara Peacock (Director of Children’s Services) provided an update on the recent Ofsted Monitoring visit. Verbal feedback has been provided, the publication of the letter will be in May. Ofsted indicated they saw change and they were really impressed by every Social Worker they met, working on the front line.

Di Smith mentioned how today’s meeting covered a packed agenda, however she could not see what could have been left out. It is important hearing different agencies voices. Partners will get the chance during the summer to attend a CSCB Development Day where they will be able to review the CSCBs effectiveness and consider whether the CSCB is making a difference. This information will then be used to support further improvement.


Information Items

The CSCB Communications Plan and SCR Tracker had been circulated in advance.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23 May 2018

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