Feb 15

Serious Case Review Published

Croydon Safeguarding Children Board (CSCB) has today published a Serious Case Review (SCR) concerning a four year-old child (Child J) and their 16 year-old half-sibling (Child K). In November 2015 Child J was admitted to hospital with serious malnutrition. Child J had a positive response to intensive hospital treatment and now lives in a permanent home away from their family.

The CSCB commissioned an SCR to examine the children’s history and determine what had led to this event.

Di Smith, Chair of CSCB, said: “CSCB has undertaken rigorous examination of the events in this case as this child could have suffered even more serious consequences, were it not for swift medical intervention. It was important for us to be clear how this situation had come about and to identify what could be done differently in future. The SCR was robust in establishing how agencies had worked together and CSCB has implemented the learning immediately, introducing measures across the partnership to improve earlier identification of such cases.

The report can be read here


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