Oct 03

Updates to Pan London Child Protection Procedures

The most recent update of the London Child Protection Procedures went live on 2/10/17.

You can see the new version at: http://www.londoncp.co.uk

The major changes are to the Allegations Chapter and the timing of post birth CP review conferences & core groups.

Revised Chapter 7 [Part A]; Allegations against staff or volunteers, who work with children:
Following an extensive consultation process, significant changes have been made to this chapter. Highlights include:
• The revised chapter uses the abbreviation LADO [local authority designated officer] throughout, to refer to the specific role of the designated officer employed by the local authority to manage and have oversight of allegations across the children’s workforce. This term is used because it is strongly felt that the multi-agency safeguarding network is familiar with and understands this abbreviation and also to distinguish between safeguarding leads in health and education who can also be referred to as designated leads.
• The meetings chaired by LADOs to investigate allegations are no longer referred to as strategy meetings they are instead referred to as Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers Meeting and abbreviated to ASV meetings. This decision was made to avoid confusion with the Section 47 process for the assessment of child protection concerns.
• There is an emphasis throughout on the difference between an allegation and a concern and it is highlighted that an ASV should not be held unless it has been decided that the matter reaches the threshold of being an allegation. This because practitioners reported that ‘substantiated’ is being used as the outcome when the facts of a case are found to be true even when it doesn’t meet the threshold for an allegation.
• Reference to the need to follow the procedures when 16 & 17 year olds are working with other children is added.

Revised wording of Part A: Chapter 4; Child Protection Conferences
The timing of review conferences & core groups when a baby has been subject to a pre-birth child protection plan

4.1.22 Further reviews should be held at intervals of not more than six months for as long as the child remains the subject of a child protection plan. If the initial conference was a pre-birth conference, a Review Conference or Core Group should be held within 10 days of the birth (20 days if the mother is not medically fit to attend a meeting within the first 10 days). If the decision is made to hold a core group, then it is particularly important to ensure that all relevant health professionals attend including midwifery services. Subsequent review conferences should take place within six months thereafter

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