Jul 14

Child Accident Prevention Trust

“Somehow he pushed something up against the window, opened the window and then fell out. It was completely surreal. You can’t believe how quickly it can happen. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen so easily. You think: This doesn’t happen to us. Your son can’t be helicoptered into a children’s ward with a fractured skull.”


This mum shared her experiences in an interview with BBC Radio Berkshire, after two local pre-schoolers fell from upstairs window and suffered significant head injuries. Fortunately, her son made a complete recovary and is now an active 8 year-old. But not all children are as lucky – sometimes children are left with lasting brain damage. And all falls from upstairs windows aren’t freak accidents – nationally, one child under five is admitted to hospital every day after falling from a building. Now summer is here, upstairs windows are left open in the hope of catching a breeze, increasing the likelihood of serious falls.

Can you keep your children safe?  

Please read and share our article on falls from windows

If you work with parents of small children, please warn them about the risks of falls from windows and offer practical safety advice. Our educational resources can help you spread the word.

Effective educational resources

“The ‘child’s eye view’ is terrifying and makes your heart jump. It is very dramatic yet true to life and very powerful.”

“It makes you stop and think to go out and get window locks.”

Our Look who’s falling DVD resource pack, now just £21.50 plus P&P, offers you ready-made educational sessions to deliver to parents:

  • Three short films with child’s eye reconstructions of real-life stories and commentary from a leading doctor – including one film focusing on falls from windows.
  • A facilitator’s handbook with safety advice, facts and figures plus discussion tips and activity ideas to help bring your sessions alive.
  • 50 copies of our colourful, easy-to-read flyer, with reminders of key safety messages.

You can also buy our How safe am I from a serious fall? flyer separately for just £7.45 plus P&P for 50 copies.



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