Mar 29

Messages from young people: “Ten Things I need from Practitioners”

During a consultation in November 2016 by the Young People’s Specialist Engagement Team from Croydon Council’s Early Intervention & Support Services, 10 young people produced their ‘top ten rules’ they need from the professionals in their lives. The CSCB is promoting these as examples of the voice of the child and asks all practitioners and managers working with children and young people in Croydon to consider the messages and how they may apply in their work.

“Ten Things I need from Practitioners”

  1. Ask about how I am and my week, before going straight into the bad stuff.
  2. I want you to listen to me and understand.
  3. Please keep me more informed about what is going on and why.
  4. Think about my ambitions and support me to be able to try new experiences.
  5. Someone working with children and young people is meant to make things better, please don’t make me feel inferior.
  6. Please don’t ask so many questions that aren’t relevant.
  7. Be honest and sensitive with me.
  8. Talk to me about what I’d like concerning my life.
  9. Don’t make any decisions without my opinion.
  10. Be a stable person in my life.
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